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  • Adder, female ©R.Winnall

    >Adder (Vipera berus)

    The Adder population in the Wyre Forest has declined considerably in recent years and these reptiles are no longer as common as they once were. They may occasionally be seen basking in the spring sunshine. The males emerge from hibernation in February and the females between 2 and 6 weeks later. Both sexes bask in [...]

  • Common Lizard, male ©R.Winnall

    >Common Lizard (Lacerta vivipara)

    The Common, or Viviparous Lizard, is commonly found in the Wyre Forest, especially in heathy habitat. The males have spotted patterning above, an orange underside with dark spots, and a tail that is longer than the body. The females usually have a conspicuous dark stripe down the back, a cream underside and a tail that [...]

  • Grass Snake head ©R.Winnall

    >Grass Snakes (Natrix natrix)

    The Grass or Ringed Snake is the UK’s largest snake and they can still be found in Wyre, particularly near ponds and streams. They emerge from hibernation in March or April and mate in April or May. It is not easily to distinguish between the sexes, although the female grows longer than the male. Thy [...]

  • Slow-worm, female ©R.Winnall

    >Slow-worms (Anguis fragilis)

    Slow-worms are legless lizards, and not worms at all. They are common in Wyre. The males are generally of a uniform grey-brown, whereas the females are a reddish brown with darker flanks and a dark stripe down their backs. They emerge from hibernation in March and mate in May or June. The females give birth [...]