Water Shrew (Neomys fodiens)

We don’t receive many records of the elusive Water Shrew and we are uncertain of their status and distribution in and around Wyre. I was pleased to find some Water Shrew skulls and bones ┬árecently whilst sorting through the contents of an owl box that had been used by Barn Owls on a farm not far from Snuffmill Dingle. The photograph shows the lower jaws of Pygmy Shrew (top), Common Shrew (middle) and Water Shrew (bottom) for comparison. The latter has no cusps on the front tooth.



Midge Gall Macrodiplosis pustularis

Whilst in Cleobury Coppice on 5th September 2012, we found a number of galls on the oak trees, including this one. The tip of the leaf gall was turned down and had browned even though the leaf was still green. It was empty and the single larva which had spent the summer inside the gall, had presumably dropped out to pupate on the ground.