The seal is still here!

The Grey Seal spent Sunday 13th January 2013 in Bewdley. During the morning she was seen up near the Dowles Book confluence and at lunchtime she was watched dodging the boats out practicing from the rowing club. I heard someone shout to one crew – “You’ve just run over a seal!” She swam down to Bewdley quay where several startled onlookers saw her catch a Mallard drake, which explained why the birds had been looking so agitated as she swam past! She stayed in Bewdley town for a couple of hours before disappearing downstream at about 14.00.

Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) in Bewdley!

A Grey Seal was first reported on the River Severn near Worcester on 17th November 2012. It made an appearance at Bewdley on 1st January 2013, and again on 4th January when this photograph was taken at 14.08 from Severn Side North when it spent about 15 minutes near the Rowing Club wall. Previously that day it had been seen at Beales Corner, near the Dowles outflow and was photographed eating a large fish on the west bank upstream of the bridge. This is apparently the first modern record of this species this far north in Worcestershire, but before all the weirs and locks were constructed perhaps seals were more commonplace?