Tanyptera atrata ovipositing

This large and impressive cranefly was seen ovipositing on a rotting wood pile in Wyre. The female spent some time searching for the right place to lay, and was observed inserting her abdomen deep inside a crack in the wood as seen here. A male was also spotted nearby.

Tanyptera atrata female ovipositing in dead wood, 18th May 2014

Yellow legged Water Snipefly

The Yellow-legged Water Snipefly

A Water Snipefly 9 May 2014

Seen near Bewdley this water-snipefly Atherix ibis is one of only 3 aquatic snipe fly species found in the UK. It is not very common but can occasionally be seen along the River Severn. This female shows the yellow legs and the characteristically well marked wings. The species is known for its unusual habit of clustering under vegetation over water, prior to egglaying.