Pound Green Common

Joe Turner visited Pound Green recently and was able to take these great photos to help us celebrate the special nature of this interesting part of Wyre.

Spotted Flycatcher - Joe Turner, Pound Green, 5th July 2014

Common Lizard - Joe Turner, Pound Green Common , 5th July 2014

Broad Bodied Chasers - Joe Turner, Pound Green Common, 5th July 2014



Bronze Shieldbug, Troilus luridus

Jon Cartwright spotted this Bronze Shieldbug eating a Peacock butterfly caterpillar in Wyre recently. The adults of this species always have an orange band on the penultimate antennal segment. The young nymphs feed on plants, but the adults predate insect larvae, especially caterpillars and beetle larvae.

Bronze Shieldbug, Troilus luridus, Button Bridge, 21 June 2014