Juniper Shieldbug, Cyphostethus tristiatus

The Juniper Shieldbug has, in recent years, started feeding on a few introduced conifer species, and is increasing its range. I counted 16 on my garden Lawson’s Cypress tree in sunshine on 11th October 2014 at Bliss Gate. As well as a few adults, there were nymphs at different stages of their development, all apparently feeding on the the green developing cones. I am wondering if these will become adults before the winter, or overwinter as nymphs? On 30th October all I could find was a single adult.

Juniper shieldbug adult on Lawson's Cypress, 4th October 2014

Juniper Shieldbug final instar nymph, 29th September 2014

Small Juniper Shieldbug nymph, 4th October 2014



I left my remote camera out in Wyre recently and was delighted to get a movie of a female Otter and her 2 cubs! Two screen grabs are attached.

Female otter and 2 cubs, Wyre Forest 23rd August 2014

Otter cub, Wyre Forest 23rd August 2014