Juniper Shieldbug, Cyphostethus tristiatus

The Juniper Shieldbug has, in recent years, started feeding on a few introduced conifer species, and is increasing its range. I counted 16 on my garden Lawson’s Cypress tree in sunshine on 11th October 2014 at Bliss Gate. As well as a few adults, there were nymphs at different stages of their development, all apparently feeding on the the green developing cones. I am wondering if these will become adults before the winter, or overwinter as nymphs? On 30th October all I could find was a single adult.

Juniper shieldbug adult on Lawson's Cypress, 4th October 2014

Juniper Shieldbug final instar nymph, 29th September 2014

Small Juniper Shieldbug nymph, 4th October 2014


Artichoke gall on Oak

The gall wasp Andricus foecundatrix is responsible for this artichoke or hop gall, an enlarged bud on oak. Inside this there is an inner hard gall that drops out in late summer. The single larva overwinters inside this, whilst the scaly outer gall persists on the tree.

Artichoke Gall, Andricus foecundatrix, Button Oak, 17th September 2014