Wyre Forest’s Wood Ants

The Wood Ants (Formica rufa) that are commonly found in most of Wyre’s woodland have begun to emerge from their winter period of dormancy and when weather conditions are suitable they are out massing on top of their nests – quite a spectacle!

Wood Ants, Ribbesford Wood, 27 March 2015 ©Nicola Winnall

Wood Ants, Ribbesford Wood, 27 March 2015, ©Nicola Winnall

Scarlet Elfcup Sarcoscypha sp.

Jon Cartwright is sharing his photograph of one of the few spring fungi that can be found growing on bare soil and rotting twigs, often in groups under trees. They make a brilliant splash of colour in the springtime. There are 2 species which are difficult to tell apart without checking the spores using a microscope.

Scarlet Elfcup Sarcoscypha sp. 28 February 2015 ©Jon Cartwright