Birds collecting food for nestlings

An early morning walk along the river bank gave me good views of this Song Thrush and Robin collecting food for their young. The thrush was so engrossed in its task it allowed me to get within a few feet of it.

Song Thrush gathering worms, River Severn 21 April 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall

Robin with insects for nestlings, River Severn 21 April 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall


Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage, Chrysosplenium oppositifolium

The woodlands and streamsides are burgeoning with new growth. The Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage is commonplace along streams and is flower now. The larger Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage is less common. Occasionally they may be seen growing together.

Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage, Gladder Brook, 16 April 2015


Plaited Door Snail Cochlodina laminata

Like all snails in the Clausiliidae this species is sinistral with the opening on the left. (Most snails are dextral). This is one of the larger species of door snails – this one measured 16mm. It has a distinct lip and raised pimples on its skin. This one was living under dead cherry bark in broad-leaved woodland – and was released after the photograph had been taken.

Plaited Door Snail, Cochlodina laminata, Eymore Wood, 6 April 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall