Ambigolimax valentiana, Iberian Threeband Slug

Two of these slugs were found recently on a dungheap in a farmyard at Callow Hill. This is the first record for this species in this area. Originally from Spain, it was first found in Britain in 1936 and since then has spread to many sites across the country. It is usually found in gardens and around buildings, but has recently been recorded living in woodland. It could be an emerging horticultural pest.

Ambigolimax valentianus, Callow Hill, 31 October 2015

Porcellio dilatatus a woodlouse

This woodlouse Porcellio dilatatus is not often seen and is probably overlooked. It was found in a dungheap on a farm at Callow Hill and this appears to be the first record for Worcestershire. Compared with other woodlice, this species is wider in relation to its length, and grows up to 15mm. One distinguishing feature is the distinctive shape of its rear telson or ‘tail’. Although there are only scattered records across the UK, it has been recorded around buildings, farmyards, and in dungheaps.

Porcellio dilatatus, Callow Hill, 31 October 2015, ©Rosemary Winnall