‘THE NATURE OF WYRE – a wildlife-rich forest in the heart of Britain’

We are very pleased that our Wyre Forest Study Group’s BOOK ‘THE NATURE OF WYRE – a wildlife-rich forest in the heart of Britain’ has just been published this week by PISCES PUBLICATIONS, and pre-publication offer orders delivered in time for Christmas! This hardback is A4 in size and has 312 pages beautifully designed and splendidly illustrated with almost 700 photographs. With 24 different authors and 4 on the editorial team, this has been a labour of love by a team of local naturalists. It is the first comprehensive guide to the natural history of the Wyre Forest, and celebrates a very special area rich in biodiversity. The books are currently for sale online from Nature Bureau, Pemberley Books,  and NHBS. The book launch will be announced soon!

Greater Whipwort, Bazzania trilobata

This bright green leafy liverwort is found in humid oak woodland especially in the west of Britain. It is at the eastern edge of its range in Wyre where it can be seen in damp places in shaded valleys. The tip of each leaf has 3 short teeth as the name implies.

Greater Whipwort, Bazzania trilobata, New Parks, 8 November 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall

Green Shieldbug Palomena prasina

The Green Shieldbug, commonly seen in gardens as well as the wider countryside, overwinters as an adult. Although usually conspicuously green, in the autumn they darken and become well-camouflaged as they hibernate amongst dead leaves. When they become active again in the spring, they gradually return to their green colouration.

Green Shieldbug, Palomena prasina, New Parks, 8 November 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall