Waxwings in Wyre!

It was great to record 4 Waxwings feeding on Rowan in Bliss Gate Road recently. These were spotted by Nicola Winnall who managed to get these shots. Between feeds they sat high up in the hedge. They’ve come into the country from Scandinavia to where they will return to breed.

Waxwings, Bliss Gate, 4 January 2017

Waxwing, Bliss Gate, 4 January 2017

Grey Wagtail

This Grey Wagtail was watched unobserved having a good preen in Dowles Brook. Its distinctive undulating flight, and bobbing tail when on the ground, are common to all wagtails. But the grey back and yellow chest and under-tail feathers show that it is a Grey Wagtail. This species is commonly found along watercourses.

Grey Wagtail, Dowles Brook, 30 July 2016 ©Rosemary Winnall

Blackcap in garden

Mick Farmer has sent me his excellent photograph of a female Blackcap at his bird feeder in his Bewdley garden. Most of our summer breeding Blackcaps spend the winter in Spain, Portugal and West Africa, but increasingly we are seeing a few present in the UK during the winter months. From ringing records we can tell that many of these have flown in from northern and central Europe such as Scandinavia and Germany. The male has a black cap compared to the brown of the female as seen here.

Female Blackcap in Bewdley ©Mick Farmer February 2016

Summer birds

It is good to know that Matthew Lissimore is still taking some great bird photographs in Wyre. Here are some excellent shots taken in the forest this year.

Kingfisher with fish, Wyre Forest, ©Matthew Lissimore

Male Pied Flycatcher, Wyre Forest, ©Matthew Lissimore

Male Pied Flycatcher, Wyre Forest, ©Matthew Lissimore

Dipper, Dowles Brook, Wyre Forest, ©Matthew Lissimore

Long-tailed Tits

Whilst on an early morning walk in Button Oak the shrill chatter of a family of Long-tailed Tits drew my attention to a gorse bush. It was soon apparent that there was a nest in the bush from which the youngsters were fledging one by one. I counted 6 flying into the surrounding trees, but managed to get a quick photograph of the last one as it left the nest.

Fledging Long-tail Tit, Button Oak, 16 May 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall

Birds collecting food for nestlings

An early morning walk along the river bank gave me good views of this Song Thrush and Robin collecting food for their young. The thrush was so engrossed in its task it allowed me to get within a few feet of it.

Song Thrush gathering worms, River Severn 21 April 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall

Robin with insects for nestlings, River Severn 21 April 2015 ©Rosemary Winnall



Matthew Lissimore continues to get some great photographs of birds. He says, “The Dippers of Dowles Brook will be busy defending their territories over the winter in preparation for next year’s breeding season. Here is a classic image of a Dipper photographed on the brook. Notice it has a ring on it’s right leg.”

Dipper ©Matthew Lissimore


Matthew Lissimore has posted this excellent image. He says: “When walking through the conifer woodland in Wyre you may be lucky enough to come across the smallest bird in Britain. Goldcrests will often join flocks of other small birds during autumn and winter so keep your eyes peeled!’

Goldcrest, ©Matthew Lissimore

Pound Green Common

Joe Turner visited Pound Green recently and was able to take these great photos to help us celebrate the special nature of this interesting part of Wyre.

Spotted Flycatcher - Joe Turner, Pound Green, 5th July 2014

Common Lizard - Joe Turner, Pound Green Common , 5th July 2014

Broad Bodied Chasers - Joe Turner, Pound Green Common, 5th July 2014