Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum

Jon Cartwright has sent these photographs of a female Oak Bush-cricket that he found at night on the 17 October 2015. You can see in the second picture that she is ovipositing into a crack at the base of this oak tree. This is a late orthopteran species that doesn’t mature until late July or August and appears throughout the autumn. We are keeping ‘last date’ records, but haven’t seen any in Wyre after the end of October….yet!

Female Oak Bush-cricket, Fastings Coppice, 17 October 2015 ©Jon Cartwright

Female Oak Bush-cricket ovipositing at base of oak tree, Fastings Coppice, 17 October 2015, ©Jon Cartwright

Meadow Grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus)

The Meadow Grasshopper is commonly found across Wyre wherever there is grassland. The nymphs can be found early in the year and adults from June. The almost parallel-sided pronotum distinguishes this species. The females usually have short wings and the males long wings and black knees. Females show the widest variation in colour, although those with magenta colouring are seen only rarely.

Meadow Grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus), Wimperhill, 8th August 2013