Oxyna parietina

This attractive Tephritid picture-wing fly is always associated with Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris. The larvae bore into the stems and feed within them. There are not many records from this area. A few adults were found on Mugwort along the banks of the River Severn north of Bewdley.

Oxyna parietina, from near River Severn 3 June 2015

Atherix ibis, Yellow-legged Water-Snipefly

A walk on the west side of the River Severn yesterday near the Bewdley bypass resulted in the find of two female Yellow-legged Water-Snipeflies (Atherix ibis). They are impressive flies with their mottled wings and they have interesting breeding behaviour. The females gather together in dense clusters on branches overhanging water where they lay their eggs in a glutinous matrix before dying. The result is a mass of eggs and dead flies suspended from twigs or flood debris.

Atherix ibis, female Yellow-legged Water-Snipefly