Reeves’ Muntjac

This Reeves’ Muntjac buck was photographed by a remote camera at Callow Hill at 6 o’clock in the morning. Only the male Muntjac deer have antlers and these are cast in May and this one has recently lost one – it had 2 the previous night. The camera was erected after Muntjac droppings were found. It was left out for 2 nights and 5 mammals were recorded using this small animal path – Badger, Fox, Grey Squirrel, Rabbit and the Muntjac.

Reeves' Muntjac buck, Callow Hill, 13 May 2016

Droppings from a Reeves' Muntjac, Callow Hill, 9 May 2016



I left my remote camera out in Wyre recently and was delighted to get a movie of a female Otter and her 2 cubs! Two screen grabs are attached.

Female otter and 2 cubs, Wyre Forest 23rd August 2014

Otter cub, Wyre Forest 23rd August 2014



Water Shrew, Neomys fodiens

The Water Shrew is an secretive mammal that is said to be widespread, although not often seen. Records are usually made from skulls in owl pellets or a dead animal. However, I was very pleased to see a live one in the small stream in my garden (a tributary of Gladder Brook) at Bliss Gate on 26th August 2013. I watched it for about 5 minutes whilst it was busy feeding amongst the Fool’s Water-cress Apium nodiflorum. Luckily I had my camera round my neck and managed to get a few shots before it scuttled off under the vegetation.

Water Shrew, Willow Bank, 26 August 2013

Water Shrew feeding, Willow Bank, 26th August 2013