Grass Snake, Natrix natrix

This year corrugated iron refugia have been placed around the farm at Uncllys for reptiles to use. Grass Snakes and Slowworms have been recorded taking advantage of these sites, and and John Iles has sent a photograph of one of the sub-adult Grass Snakes found this week. As reptiles are cold-blooded they need to obtain their heat from the environment for all biological processes such as digestion, growth, and reproduction. Metal refugee warm up quickly and also provide protection for reptiles that would otherwise be vulnerable to predation (if basking in the open) by birds such as Buzzards which have increased in numbers around Wyre in recent years.

Grass Snake, Uncllys, June 2016 ©John Iles

Bronze Shieldbug, Troilus luridus

Jon Cartwright spotted this Bronze Shieldbug eating a Peacock butterfly caterpillar in Wyre recently. The adults of this species always have an orange band on the penultimate antennal segment. The young nymphs feed on plants, but the adults predate insect larvae, especially caterpillars and beetle larvae.

Bronze Shieldbug, Troilus luridus, Button Bridge, 21 June 2014